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Posted on: February 15, 2011

What is the aim of an Organisation or Business Enterprise? To serve the customers. The ultimate aim is to serve everyone in a sustainable manner as cheaply as possible?

This means that National and Global Business Enterprise could be viewed as public services that need to be managed responsibly with Trustees that reflect the interests of the customers & wider community.

If a Business Enterprise serves over a Third or Half of a population in a certain area should that enterprise not be managed by a board of trustees that represent the interests of ALL of the members of that community before any other interests as the effects of that enterprise will effect them all?

Should these trustees be voted in by the whole community making the business or organisation democratic just like democratic countries so they are as accountable as democratic countries?

If not the company or organisation would pursue its objectives without considering the rights of the whole community. This may explain why many companies and organisations target their objectives to the determent of other issues and the wider community.

There are many existing and emerging issues with how business and organisations can be creatively enhanced that we would like to help you with. What do you want to do? We can help by creatively enhancing what you want to do. Tweet to @whymandesign


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