#What are you #working on and what #help do you #need? May I #Creatively help #innovate your work :) #os #cc #nfp #nesta #charity #bigsociety

Posted on: February 15, 2011

What are you working on and what help do you need?
May I Creatively help innovate your work 🙂

If your doing what you do in order to help others (and not just to get rich:) keep on doing it and collaborate with as many open minded people as possible.

May I help you?

I can help by adding value by creatively inventing, modifying or improving any/everything using Social / UX / UI / Design so 2+ problems can be solved with one solution.


Would you like to work with open minded people to create simple (innovative & Creative) solutions that can help as many people as possible and run as Charitable or Not For Profit organisations. e.g. organize free education for all using Drupal? Prototype at using the FREE Business structure/model that anyone can use (Philanthropy COOP model:)

Help anyone make themselves happy instantly by reading the FREE BOOK and watching the video’s at What is the best way that you help others?


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