We all can #help #everyone for #free by #sharing #cc #os #nfp #nesta #4ip #bigsociety #gov #charity

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Anyone can help everyone for free by doing one of many simple things..

Create an open source and Creative Commons version of your website/product/service and give it away for free to charities, not for profits, coops, charitable organisations, volunteers.. with 100% net profit from that service being donated to new innovative charitable work. You then gain pr and are able to help many charitable causes at almost no cost to yourself. explains the benefits in full.

So create a

.coop version for everyone to join and collaborate in a cooperative where 100% net profit/funds are used on innovative charitable work

.nfp version where no profits are made but donations fund INNOVATIVE charitable /nfp work

.org version for charities, charitable organisations and volunteers to use free where all net profits are donated to Innovative charity work.

Could your organisation run as a Charity (that has a Not/for profit organisation running within that)? Any/every organisation could be run like this they just need creative thinkers at the top so they are able to creatively change the organisation so they can be run this way.


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