Want to #help #anyone #help #everyone using #os #cc #nesta #4ip #bigsociety #rsa #ted

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Want to #help #anyone #help #everyone using #os #cc #nesta #4ip #bigsociety #rsa #ted

Can we create a charity version of any site using open source software with you? We will run this as a not for profit charitable organisation and would like to collaborate with you. If you work in an organisations can a member of your team help set this up as part of your CSR or a volunteer scheme? As we develop the charity site we will then be able to help you enhance your great work too by sharing knowledge. Can we help you too?

We plan to create several not for profit (charity) public service web startups and were hoping we could do it with your tech team (we have contacts in the uk industry and this could be used by your team to create a showcase site that will lead to more paid work:).

We want to make an open source drupal version of this prototype site (organising free online video’s into useful courses with crowdsourcing). Essentially draws in feeds of video content and enables comments/collaboration around the video. We have some funds for this but run as a volunteer organisation and were hoping some of your team/volunteers could help (set up a drupal site that draws in video feeds)?

New exciting drupal modules are coming out all the time and these could be incorporated too.

(essentially set up a drupal site using existing modules and if possible set up a video feed site that enables others to make their own reskinned version with one click).

Is this something that you could do on a voluntary basis?
What is the best price you can do this for?

Is there  a way we can help you?


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