Want free creative & innovative help to enhance any project / service? We can help & with #CSR #os #nfp #charity too.

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Want free creative & innovative help to enhance any project / service? We can help & with CSR os nfp charity too.

We would love to help enhance your work by using my UI Design and Social Media knowledge to help you enhance the Gaming features of the site to users are drawn to use it more and more for constructive outcomes.
For example can your organisation run as a not for profit that donates/invests any surplus funds that you generate (in future profits & donations) into NEW INNOVATIVE solutions to human problems? This will enable you to grow to gain a cumulative mass with a USP that competitors can not steal so you can grow as big as Wikipedia/Mozilla while partnering with them. You and everyone involved will then get rich on performance pay knowing that you have created a self sustaining innovation & collaboration platform that saves lives. Long video’s at explain more.

It would be great if this is possible as it would secure the success of your enterprise AND generate philanthropic funds that are invested in innovative solutions so save many lives.

3. has more positive points for pioneering selfless people like yourself:)


-- Regards Edward Whyman This message and any attachments are confidential and for the sole recipient only. You may not use any information contained in this message or attachments without permission.


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