#Turning #problems into #solutions using #open #collaboration #os #nesta #bigsociety #likeminds

Posted on: February 15, 2011

How is it best to turn problems (text in the form of Blog Posts or Twitter comments) into solutions and how best to share this with everyone to get the most value out of selfless collaboration (such as on Wikipedia & Mozilla).

Problem is shared by posting it as a Blog, tweet, video…

Anyone comments/share solutions

Problems and solutions are linked up from different places on the web to organise them (hard part:)

The solution is actioned by anyone (equally hard) Volunteers or funding from Charity & Government helps enhance this part & cooperative Not For Profit Innovation can solve this in a self sustaining way.

Extra unexpected outcomes that no one could have expected will be created by linking people and problems up in a not for profit selfless open source way.

Other things will happen


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