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Posted on: February 15, 2011

would you like to have a fun community shop where you can do anything you like that helps your community?

If so join and the facebook group and say what you can give and what you want (and where you are) and we will link you up.

We have 50 shops across the uk (almost one in every town) and need 50 people to run the shops for any community activity that they want. We also have access to a large office in london. Imagine how many people you can help by inventing and setting up your own community space.

Previously we successfully set up a chain of community coffee shops called Progreso with Oxfam where he helped homeless unemployed people from the Crisis Cafe get trained and then work as Coffee Baristas.

Do you know of any empty shops, office, residential or carpark spaces that we could also use to work with you to create community hubs where we help young/old people set up their own community Beyond Profit Social Enterprise. Tweet to @whymandesign

-- Regards Edward Whyman This message and any attachments are confidential and for the sole recipient only. You may not use any information contained in this message or attachments without permission.


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