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Posted on: February 15, 2011

Create Creating Creative !  How to help everyone creatively help everyone using innovation

There are three stages

1. Research & Diagnosis of a problem (itch you want to scratch)
2. Finding or Inventing a solution.
3. Sharing that solution with others by making the solution happen in reality.

Diagnosis/problem + Idea/invention + Sharing/distribution = Solution

As an example we can use ‘creativity’.

1. Problem = Not enough people are entertained, educated, empowered enough to solve problems in order to HELP OTHERS using creativity (so everyone can help everyone).

2. Solution/s = A. The internet has linked everyone to everyone for the first time ever so we CAN now do this. B. Encouraging everyone to do this can be done easily using existing and new cultural broadcasters

The question is WHY are they not doing this and HOW can they be encouraged to do this?

Below are some Creative links


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