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Posted on: February 13, 2011 are teaming up with a National Development organisation to create Trust Libraries across the UK. We are now looking to partner with other great organisations so we can enhance their great work too.

1. Would you like a FREE Trust library installed in your community? We are looking for new locations to install FREE Trust Libraries so contact us on here by commenting below if you are interested or tweeting @whymandesig. These can range from a bookshelf full of popular fiction books to a fully interactive space with facilitators that engage and empower passers by to take free books, draw on them and then give them away.

2. Do you know of an unused/empty space in a public building or office foyet that we could install the trust library in? The space can range from an empty shop to a car park bay or a table in a Library Foyet. If so plot the location on the map and message us directly.

3. Do you have unused materials such as books/pens/paper… that we could use to create community art work that improves communities while increasing community cohesion?

4. Do you know of an industrial producer that has broken or unwanted products that would be recycled or binned that we could use?

5. We have had a few requests to put on this activity and customized versions at private events and festivals. If this is of interest contact us directly on twitter @whymandesign. Making space to make and display art by creating community art galleries and trust libraries. came about after talking about how anyone and everyone can solve any / every problem by going about solving it in the right way.

One great way to solve problems is to ask the person asking the question
(problem finder) if they know of the answer or if they can look into
solving it so they become the problem solver too:)

How can enterprise and innovation be improved and created
institutionally? is one way to create
institutional innovation.

How can anyone set up their own self sustaining innovation space? and both have
examples of how this can be done.

How else can everyone be A. Empowered to create innovative solutions so
social problems and B. Self sustain themselves by earning enough to live
and learn?


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