Want to help others help you? Make #Crowdsourcing #os #drupal sites so everyone can help everyone:) @webiversity

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Want to help others help you? Make #Crowdsourcing #os #drupal sites so everyone can help everyone:) @webiversity

Crowdsourcing can be one way to democratically solve many problems as they can be solved without anyones permission by groups of people who agree on a given goal. We (the crowd) would like to help develop what everyone is doing. How can I/you/they enable us the crowd to improve your work (without having to get permission?). How can this be done for any Charity, organisation or government?

There are several things that any organisation can do to help us the crowd improve your work…

You can release your software as open source so everyone can use it for other ‘do good’ activities (and help you improve it).
Read up on the benefits of sharing online so that the rest of the world can benefit from your great work rather than just a few people.

EVERY competition applicant can be made into a winner rather than just the chosen few (which means that the majority of applicants get ‘Rejected’ which wastes their time and has a NEGATIVE effect on their work). This is possible and is explained in posts on and The collaboration mentality needs to be embraced in order to enable everyone to win (which makes obvious sense when you think about it) rather than the short sighted egotistical competition mentality.

C. is one live example of a way that you can collaborate with others to help everyone help each others. Please tweet to @whymandesign so we can talk more.

Also can we help you?…

Would it be possible to help enhance your work using the power of social media to encourage more people to help with your existing and future projects using crowdsourcing?

We are creating a charity crowdfunding collaboration drupal site using
pioneering open source modules and were hoping we could develop this with you to enhance your great work?

We are also aiming to use the site to collect donated funds for
charity by using a re skinned version of different software for
charitable use as a not for profit? Could you use the business model to benefit your organisation too?

Would it be possible to work with you to make a re skinned
version of existing software so we can help the public to solve
other social issues (Ideally using the business structure)? Maybe working with someone like or which
is closing so maybe this is something I could help you take on so
everyone can share local knowledge? Also can share video’s and create with your

The aim is to create custom branded open source software (so the same software that exists is used to solve different social issues). Can we do this starting with enhancing the and prototype sites?



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