Want to #help #others and #work on a #job you #love?

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Want to help others and earn a living for yourself? Give your content away and ask your community/followers to help you. The gift economy has always been there but is being reinvented in the digital age. Do you know any individuals, charities, startups… who are looking to do more of this?

Can we do this with you? If so why? If not comment below why so others can learn from your experience and help.

We are talking to several innovative web organisations who are about to implement the Not For Profit Business Model so they run as a Not For Profit that invests any surplus funds they get into new innovative Not For Profit work. essentially promotes that and explains the benefits. (Instead of getting rich then giving your money away as Philanthropy, you give the [potential future] money away and use this gesture to create a cumulative mass due to the goodwill increase [like Wikipedia] so your product becomes a success and you can get rich on performance pay).

Cooperatives have proven the model works for 00’s of years.

There are two areas.

1. Becoming a Not For Profit and open source / Creative Commons org (I hope you see the benefits of this for you and for everyone else:)
2. Me helping enhance your work with my proven Creative Social Media skills and Contacts (which I will do if you can implement no 1).

If you are open minded enough to see the benefits of doing this then we can crack on with partnering you with other organisations to immediately create added value. The chances of success without doing this are significantly less as anyone can create a product or service but it takes a selfless social media attitude to attract the cumulative mass of an active community that care like at Wikipedia (which is the value:). is one example of a startup doing this. Can you help? If so Tweet to @whymandesign

-- Regards Edward Whyman This message and any attachments are confidential and for the sole recipient only. You may not use any information contained in this message or attachments without permission.


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