Some #invisible #rules & #effects of #socialmedia with #pros & #cons

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Some invisible rules/effects of social media.
How to empower everyone to use the pro’s and be aware of the con’s?

You can contact almost anyone on this planet (who do you want to help?)
Quality of content beats quantity of promotion (peers share good quality)
Harder for criminals/villans to hide
Easier for talent to be found and showcased (peers share new talent)

Nothing is private
Big brother danger from large companies (google/facebook)
Knowledge/wisdom can get lost in the crowd/chaos
Mob Mentality
Harder to protect the naive

Add any missed points in the comments below.

Is it not possible to use social media to have fun, earn a living and help as many other people as possible? If you cant see a job letting you do this then create a job for yourself by trying something new.

Is it not possible to get get investment for a charitable and innovative enterprise that donates large funds to new innovative charitable work? is one way of doing this and well run cooperatives have been doing this for years.

Why not create or invent your own better way.


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