@mozilla @4ip Recommendation and @Collaboration @Microfinance. Give and help each others

Posted on: February 13, 2011

@mozilla @4ip Recommendation and @Collaboration @Microfinance. Give your cash and knowledge and help each other

Keep up the great work.

I would love to help enhance your work:)

Can we enhance your organisation please by adding value by adding
creative features such as the one below…?

Can Mozilla / someone create a firefox extension that suggests / recommends extensions depending on your web browsing style (facebook app for facebook, youtube app for youtube)? If you think this is a good idea and want to make one please do but run it within the business structure and I would love to help).

I have been working on finding people to collaborate on a self
sustaining enterprise that empowers others to do good while investing
100% net profits into those enterprise (ala and was
hoping we would collaborate?

Can you use this selfless business structure?
I like the sound of what you are doing and would like to propose a way
to create an additional USP that will benefit* your company by creating
the cumulative mass needed to make your business a success by donating
100% of your companies Net profit to innovative charitable work.

*Increased goodwill with the financial benefits that lead to rapid
growth which causes a rapid increase in profit which leads to an
increase in performance related pay for all involved.

Any programmers want to collaborate to just make this using open source software that already exists I can do the design?

Do you want to create a open source Collaboration crowdsourced website a bit like KIVA? For example to create a ‘Creativity Collaboration version of KIVA’?! where any funds generated are invested in innovative projects that ‘do good’

Can I work with you on this?

It would be great if it were possible to create away for innovative people to collaborate even easier online by building on your community (maybe with the software have created) and to create a collaboration and innovation crowdsourced/funded network… (Can I do this for you? though need to work with a programmer to set up the software and i can help do the design…)

It would be great to work for your team to create a innovation and collaboration version of KIVA (so not just loaning money but sharing skills…) but where any surplus funds are then reinvested into new innovations that can solve human problems (like KIVA but based on innovation:)

There is open source software out there that we can use to do this and I would love to crack on with helping your team do this in the new year.

If so comment at


Twitter @whymandesign


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