#How to #help #gov #charity & #orgs #innovate by #helping #government to #empower the #public #bigsociety

Posted on: February 13, 2011

#How to #help #gov #charity & #orgs #innovate by #helping #government to #empower the #public #bigsociety

Creativity enables any organisation or government to exceed expectations and therefore to solve problems before they happen which makes problems easier and cheaper to solve.

This can be done by government or organisations encouraging creativity by educating, empowering and allowing the public to creatively enhance government and organisations by providing them with support in the form of every resource that they need to live while they creatively enhance gov / orgs. This ranges from accommodation, to training and rewards…

In order for this to work a creative person needs to run this process otherwise they will restrict the process with their limited creative capacity so will make the whole process fail.

The key problem is the non imaginative people can only see what already exists and the problems that exist and not the potential. Empowering creative people enables them to see the potential that can be achieved and they have the ability to creatively achieve this.

So by not empowering creative people to solve gov & org & charity problems the organisations are effectively blocking innovation and so harming the general public.

One key way to do this is by creating crowdsourced and crowdfunded projects? Such as and for example collaborative free education…

We would be happy to do this for any organisation with a money back guarantee. is one free way to do this.

Ed @whymandesign


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