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Posted on: February 13, 2011

Would it be possible to work with your teams on a philanthropic project that will enhance your organisations popularity as part of your brand new corporate responsibility work:)

It would be great to work with people you know on ‘do good’ projects using the once in a lifetime opportunity the mobile age creates to address human problems responsibly without red tape!:) @ideasthatgive @ew4n @FrancoSays @mikecam1 @dvelo @mykro @kiva @wokai @saul @Directgov_i lets use @bullyproofsms & @rhomobile to make using


Can and
Work with you to create mobile applications? Can we get funding somehow?

Each project has all the details on its website.

Here are some FREE points to help (that I guess we all know but I keep forgetting them so thought everyone would like to be kindly reminded:).

Empowering everyone to help everyone can be more valuable than money and
can be done cheeply/free by sharing or giving free items (software)
away. and are examples
of this.

B. is one example of how any funds can be spent
more efficiently by creating institutional innovation. This can be used
by anyone no matter how much money they have (especially as they use the
funds to spend them in the most creative way they can come up with so
they may not actually need any funds to create something good). is one example.

One great way to solve problems is to ask the person asking the question
(problem finder) if they know of the answer or if they can look into
solving it so they become the problem solver too:)

How can enterprise and innovation be improved and created
institutionally? is one way to create
institutional innovation.

How can anyone set up their own self sustaining innovation space? and both have
examples of how this can be done.

How else can everyone be A. Empowered to create innovative solutions so
social problems and B. Self sustain themselves by earning enough to live
and learn?

& FREE happiness in 8 hours?!



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