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Posted on: February 13, 2011

#EDUCATION #TALKS #FREE @ @university @4ip @Directgov_i #lecture #ukgc10 #tuttle #DLD10

Can you help us (or we work with you) collate the best educational video’s from the web together to create a volunteer based free open source video library of educational video. is the showcase example of how easily this can be done using the great MIRO social software but the next stage is to build on this open source software to create peer 2 peer and collaboration features so that creative commons video can be shared and edited together. Could this be of use to your organisation or the university you went to? FREE Educational Video Talks and Lectures from the web for everyone to enjoy. Watch, share and add the best video content you find to share it with others. This site is run as a not for profit by volunteers and uses open source software. contact @whymandesign for more details plans to generate suplus funds that can then be donated and use to fund other innovative charitable work explains more.

What other open source creative commons public services would you like to make (either with or without us)? List your requests at


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