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Posted on: February 13, 2011

Filling in Forms Fails.

Asking people to fill in forms wastes time and forces them to compete for one successful place.

So many people waste time and effort filling in words on a spreadsheet (which in the majority of cases is not their main skill base) just so one person can win. This is a Sum Loss.

This means that Forms have a negative effect as they…

Make people compete rather than collaborate
Make 99% of people feel bad when they fail so they are less likely to
Make all applicants waste time by filling in forms and application
Take applicants time and skills away form doing what they are good at.

Other forms of assessment rather than Forms are the answer.

live assessment makes
Everyone help each other to do good
Everyone wins as more good is done
No time is wasted filling in forms
Draws collaborators skills together so less duplication

Contact @whymandesign for more details. is one example of how this can work well. & use @TRAIDmark


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