#Entertain #Educate & #Empower to #help #everyone #enjoy #every second of #everyones lives:)

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Tweets on Entertain Educate & Empower to help everyone enjoy every second of everyones lives:)


See and share the best free education video’s on the web

Get your own in your community or entrance foyet for 5% of the RRP in UK (or make your own:)


#FREE #Educational #collaboration #locations 4 #innovation #openinnovation #tuttle
What is the most important thing you & anyone has learnt? How to help anyone share their #knowledge ?
Creative Public Service Broadcasting? How creative can/should it be?


How can #quiet #people be #heard & #noisy people learn to #listen? How can every #choice be put to a #vote?
Why are humans #sacred of #change? how to change this #cultural #problem that slows progress (causing harm)
Do you know how best to help anyone share & compare / sort #knowledge & enable anyone to do good & live?
Find the gift you have to use to give to the rest of the universe! (and make others smile or stop doing what your doing:)
Hire #creative people to #collaboration & reward everyone with free things #openinnovation
reward #collaboration & #openinnovation with time to solve humanitarian problems

Evolution (institutional innovation is one proven way to do this)
How can any organisation e.g. @ted @tedx @tedchris @poptech evolve? #ofb some tweets here:)

All the videos from each session of the Open for Business #ofb some tweets here:) @4ip

Can & collaborate with you using the business model which is also used by


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