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Posted on: February 13, 2011

Is there a simple way to enhance existing open source software that is already implemented all across the web?
For example wiki software.

Is there a way to create an extra feature and add i to all wiki’s?
For example UXdesign enhancement.

If you know how this has been done or how it can be done it would be great to have a chat to talk about how to enhance many of the great existing public services that are online (wikipedia…) by enhancing many of the different features and then sharing this with all different implementations of that software.

A second way of doing things like this is to create open source generic ways for anyone to do a new job/task with one click using any feed or api that they want. Is anyone doing this or interested in doing this?

A third is to make it easy and accessible for anyone to implement/setup any software with one click. Is anyone doing this or want to do this?

A fourth is to look at how content/thoughts/meems can be liberated from any one particular platform (encyclopedia/wikipedia/twitter…) so it can be seen, copied and enhanced by anyone.
For example how can hashtags be enhanced in a decentralised way so that anyone can self organise and crowdsource innovation and progress? If you know of someone working on this or want to do get in touch.

Also how can I help you enhance what your working on? Do tell me and i could possibly have an idea/contact that is useful.


-- Regards Edward Whyman This message and any attachments are confidential and for the sole recipient only. You may not use any information contained in this message or attachments without permission.


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