@Directgov_i @4ip @nesta Creatively Innovating with open source ideas and technology

Posted on: February 13, 2011

@Directgov_i @4ip @nesta Creatively Innovating with open source ideas and technology


I checked the ideas i submitted to the great and could not see them on your website.
Can you please check that they were not deleted somehow. They
will be under my name and have the content below. If you can not find them can you please put this content below into the ideas system asap please. Please email me back with what you find.

I love the innovate website you have created and would love to help make it even better. Well done everyone who made it happen. Can you list all the people who made it happen and who they are so we can send them compliments and free gifts to encourage them to do more (also list what they would like to do next so the community can try to help them to do this!

Also can I pitch a way to reward ALL idea submitters regardless of
their ideas (I know how you can do this for free and benefit and will do
this for you)

For example…

We are creating a self sustaining organisation that will provide a
location for young people to access the internet and collaborate
together all over the world in hard to reach areas and are looking to
produce this with an existing organisation that will benefit too. Could
we run this self sustaining project as part of your organisation as it
would be an extra service that increases peoples awareness of your great
work while facilitating collaboration on projects. Development website
at Who should I talk to about creating
Open Space Cafe’s with your organisation?

Could @Directgov_i @4ip @nesta all work together to enhance your great work?

Can you please make an online question and answer diagnosis tool for EVERY common medical problem just like the Swine Flu Q&A online tool. @whymandesign would like to help make this happen for you.

Can and eldy and akvo and help creatively enhance your great work? would like to help make this happen for you.

How could it best be facilitated so everyone can contribute without comments being lots in the depths of the web? It seams that there is SO much potential for government and the public to achieve using new media. The key appears to be how to communicate this potential and empower everyone to take that step down the rabbit hole of independent innovation and collaboration at everyones own grass roots (though this has been done outside of new tech since just after the beginning of time:). Is there a way to reward individuals to take risks by trying new things and fail/succeed?

The dot com approach of rewarding successful innovation by buying it out appears to work for successful innovation. How best to reward innovators that try things that fail is unclear. It may be best to enable lots of innovators to innovate without rewarding success so that peer review enables success to be rewarded socially while larger volumes or innovation can be facilitated by funding lots of people with smaller amounts.

More details here


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