@beunreasonable @4ip @improve @application @form so @everyone @wins when @apply ing 4 @competition by @collaboration @job Rt pls

Posted on: February 13, 2011

@beunreasonable @4ip @improve @application @form @c.v. so that @everyone @wins when @apply ing 4 @competition by @collaboration

Please make application forms of all types as simple as possible so that you do not waste the time of the hundreds if not thousands of people who apply. Otherwise your forms and application processes are doing more harm than good by wasting the time of a large number of passionate people so that you can give funds to a small number of people.

With the birth of the WEB and the collaboration/sharing economy that we are in it is not about finding an elite of promising people to fund any more but now about (as it is now possible to) helping EVERYONE now:) shows one efficient way of making this is possible and is one example of how helping others can be cheep and efficient. More tips at and are two examples of how applicants can prove themselves in a self sustaining way that creates donations for innovative charitable work in order to help those less well off than ourselves.


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