@4ip @nesta_uk Help spend free cash to make your own art please RT #tuttle #Media140

Posted on: February 13, 2011

@4ip @nesta_uk Help spend free cash to make your own art please RT #tuttle #Media140

Help us spend a secret large amount of funds (and donate books/materials/funds if you can) in the most creative/efficient way to enhance your local community while recycling unwanted items. Think of an idea, create a prototype if you can and post suggestions on Also send a free book/artwork to a friend from the same site or download free artworks.

2. (want to meet other artists and come to a live living artwork in a multistory tower block)
We have just delivered hundreds of unused books at the in North London and would like to work with you to turn the FREE books (or other recycled material that you can find) into free art that can then be either given away or installed in your local community.

Come down to the any day over the next two weeks and find the books in the Estate office, make some art, photograph/film it and link to it from (this can be anything from writing a quote in the book and giving it away to something you have thought of)

Do you have any unwanted materials/equipment that you can donate (and use yourself) to build free art to give away with
e.g. Books, materials, space, buildings…

WE have just cleared up from the FREE ART GIVEAWAY where anyone could draw on Books at the British Library Mingle event. can create a free trust library anywhere. All you have to do is plot your location on the map and tweet us directly

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