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Posted on: June 14, 2007

Ethical community wireless/mobile/web proposal

This website is (and has to be) run by an independent organisation
that donates 100% net profit to charity!

The positive goodwill created will rub off on any organisation that is
Associated with creating such an innovative business.

This means your organisation will gain enough goodwill to at least
refund your investment in this business/pr exercise (making it a free advert:)

The website will create a platform for discussing your content/products which will increase the power of the messages they are conveying while encouraging brand loyalty and the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Ideologically this does two groundbreaking things
1. Evolves the capitalist business model so that it does ‘good’ with net profits.
2. Gives net profit to the most ‘efficient’ charities in so doing makes
charity spending more efficient as they compete for the funds.

Original investors would/could gain even more by embracing the above from owning shares in support service companies that will gain trade as you grow at an enhanced rate with more security in the long term.

The web has created what may be a once in a lifetime / centenary / millennia opportunity for business innovators such as yourselves to develop capitalism (and other social/economic structures) into a more compassionate and socially responsible structure. Working example of the business model at

We have teamed up with the creators of who have agreed to implement this business structure on their business if startup capital is supplied and jobs are created for them in the company. They are creating a social site with mobile phone interactivity, auctioning software and wireless advertising capabilities… (they have not signed a contract yet so we need to get the funding sorted before they join up 100% with the 100% net profit donation:)


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